PEKAŘ CUKRÁŘ Magazine: Listing of Publications 2021

The PEKAR CUKRAR monthly is published by a partnership of the Czech Bakers’ and Confectioners’ Association. It is a professional journal with a 31-year tradition. It appears before or, at the latest, on the 30th day of each calendar month. Circulation: 1 500 copies, distribution in the Czech Republic and abroad; advertising and PR texts possible. Price of separate issue: 45 Kc + 10 % VAT. Annual subscription fee: 490 Kc + 10% VAT. Typical target groups are managers and employees of companies whose activities are related to the baker’s and confectioner’s business (manufacturers – bakeries, mills, candy stores; suppliers of machinery and equipment, raw materials and semi-finished articles; providers of a wide range of services). It is a useful tool for top managers informing them about the new trends of and new products on the market and about the ways how to innovate their production program, technology, equipment, etc. The distribution is client-based, so that no copies are returned. We shall be happy to provide further information on request.

Regular journal columns and editorial topics

Advertisement and PR Articles
Artisan Bakeries
Bakery Products and Healthy Nutrition
Business Skills and Marketing in the Practice
Company News
Drawings / Cartoons
Editorials / Comments
Expert’s Opinion
Introduction of a New Member
Legal Counselling Service
News from Professional Workshops
News from the Association
News from the World
New Products
New Trends
Price Monitoring
Professional Education and Training
Professional Journal Supplements “Machines” and “Additives” for Bakers and Confectioners
Reports / Practical Experience
Trade Fairs & Exhibitions

 Advertising and editorial topics of the month

PC 01/January (Goes to print = 22/1) – Topics of the month:
1) News from the General Meeting –Association’s 2021 priority tasks
2) “Products” – Products and mixes without additives – news and trends

PC 02/February (Goes to print = 19/2) – Topic of the month:
Machines” Equipment for kneading, whipping and mixing in bakeries and confectionaries

PC 03/March (Goes to print = 19/3) – Topics of the month:
“Products” – Inspiration for bakery gastronomy – snacks, fast food + inspiration for Easter products
Special topic – Post-COVID-19 period = Time to upgrade bakery operations, technology and product portfolio?

PC 04/April (Goes to print 21/4) Topics of the month:
1) “Machines and equipment” Baking bread – most important technological innovations for large and small bakeries
2) Bread Days 2021 (26 May) – Invitations from companies to an exhibition of suppliers
3) Salima/MBK (18 – 21 May) – Invitations from companies to the trade fair

PC 05/May (Goes to print = 19/5) – Topic of the month:
“Products” Yeast and products extending the freshness and softness of bakery goods

PC 06/June (Goes to print = 21/6) – Topics of the month:
1) “Machines and equipment” – The oven as the “heart” of a bakery = news and trends, news from the Salima/MBK trade fair
2) Bread Days: News, results of the 2021 Bread of the Year competition, workshop presentations

PC 07/July (Goes to print = 21/7) – Topics of the month:
1) “Bakery Shop”: Equipment & furnishings for shop interiors, lighting, cash register systems
2) Bakery car fleet – utility vehicles, additions, etc.
3) Invitations from companies to an exhibition of suppliers (Bakery Day in České Budějovice – 26 August)

PC 08/August (Goes to print = 19/8) – Topics of the month:
1) “IT & software solutions for bakeries”: Production, warehousing, shipping, cash register systems and other SW solutions to support production and sales
2) Packaging & logistics in bakery production

PC 09/September (Goes to print = 20/9) – Topics of the month:
1) “Products”: News and trends for confectionary production + inspiration for Christmas bakery and confectionary product portfolios
2) Invitations from companies to Čejkovice (21 October)
3) České Budějovice 2021 – News, workshop presentations

PC 10/October (Goes to print = 25/10) – Topics of the month:
1) “Machines and equipment” – Energy saving options for baking
2) World Bread Day (15 October) – News
3) Engineering and technology workshop Čejkovice (21 October) – News

PC 11/November (Goes to print = 19/11) – Topics of the month:
1) Trends from the IBA world bakery trade fair
2) News + presentations from the “Čejkovice 2021 workshop

PC 12/December (Goes to print = 15/12) – Topics of the month:
1) “Products” – Products to maintain consistent flour quality
2) Invitation to the Association’s 2022 General Meeting with voting, New year’s greeting for 2022

Prepared by: Stanislav Mihulka, PhD., Head of the publishing house

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